Attention to your health

From 6 August it will be mandatory to have a green pass to be able to attend bars and restaurants indoors, swimming pools and gyms and wellness centers.

This is a measure established by the Council of Ministers in order to contain the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Vi will be required to green pass or a rapid molecular / antigen test with negative result for the Sars-CoV-2 virus with validity 48 hours (it is not yet clear how to deal with bookings that exceed 2 days).

How to get the green pass https://www.dgc.gov.it/web/ottenere.html

In the rooms and suites

Perfect cleaning has always been our standard, but today more than ever we comply with current regulations with great attention.

Cleaning of hard surfaces
We sanitize hard surfaces with chlorine and alcohol based detergents for the total reduction of any bacterial and viral load. We particularly insist on the most manipulated points such as door handles, windows, showers, wardrobes, the toilet flush, the safe, phones and all switches.

Let's disinfect the remote controls, which will be provided to you in the appropriate transparent bag. We have eliminated the brochures with general information because it is an object that is difficult to completely sanitize. All information will be sent to you by email before arrival and you will find it in the hotel in a secure format. We will always be at your disposal for any information or request.

Sanitization of textiles
All linen is washed in the industrial laundry with specific detergents and additive products such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and temperatures up to 85 degrees. Drying is done in 180 degrees, with a complete thermosanification of the treated linen. We sanitize the curtains with the hydrogen peroxide micro-atomization method. We have removed decorative pillows and runners from our beds in order to guarantee even more safety for all guests.

In the wellness center

Bio Spa Caréra is waiting for you from 1 June 2020! For your days of pure relaxation, we thought about these things:

Unlimited entry to the Spa
We have limited the reservations for guarantee unlimited relaxation for our guests.
interpersonal application of at least 2 meters in all indoor environments, except for those belonging to the same family, cohabitants, people occupying the same room.

Towels and bathrobes
All sponges are washed in the industrial laundry with specific detergents and additive products such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and temperatures up to 85 degrees. Drying is done in 180 degrees, with a complete thermosanification of the treated linen

Sun loungers
We have arranged our deckchairs and umbrellas with the distances foreseen by the law. We disinfect all the beds before your entrance to the spa.

Massages and treatments
As always, we offer a wide range of massages, facials / body and couple rituals in the Spa Suite. Our operators will wear masks and disinfect the cabins after each treatment / massage.

Turkish bath and panoramic sauna
From 6 June we reopened the Turkish bath and sauna, aloneand limited access to couples or singles only, with specific cleaning daily

Swimming pool and whirlpools
The water in our swimming pool has always been considered among the best treated in the area. The new provisions foresee the increase of chlorine. We guarantee fresh air circulation thanks to the latest generation ventilation system.

We are waiting for you for a well-deserved relaxation!!!

In the restaurant

All’Hotel Resort & Spa MIramonti we have a lot of space with different environments for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Tables and chairs
We set up the tables in the restaurant and in the breakfast room with the distances provided by law. We disinfect all the chairs at each use and set the tables with washed and treated table linen in the industrial laundry.

We disinfect the containers of the condiments that we bring to your table, and you can rest assured that all the dishes and glasses, as well as jugs of water, they are washed in the dishwasher at high temperature with special disinfectant detergents that completely reduce the bacterial and viral load.

Instead of the menu, on the table you will find a display with the QR code to display the Light Lunch menu, our card and wine list on your mobile phone in complete safety. If you prefer to leave your phone in the room during meals, we will provide you with the tablet to view the menus (the tablet will be disinfected after each use).

Air conditioning
We have air conditioning in our restaurant rooms. Filters are cleaned and sanitized before each service.

The breakfast buffet on the panoramic veranda has always been the strong point of our hospitality. From now on, we will serve you the products of your choice, and we created new ones "islands" to make your breakfast even tastier and healthier. You will find cutlery and glasses on your table, and our waiters will bring you cappuccino / coffee directly from the bar.

In the common areas

We strive every day to guarantee our guests, staff and ourselves a safe environment. This means inserting new and increasingly effective cleaning protocols.

Disinfectant gel
Here you will find dispensers with hand sanitizer at all strategic points, eg, at the reception desk, on each floor next to the elevator door, at the entrance to the dining room and at the entrance to the wellness center.

Cleaning of hard surfaces
Ofwe do the door handles several times a day, the lift button, switches.

We are also very attentive at the bar! Our cups, saucers and glasses are safe because dishwashers wash at high temperatures and with specific detergents. At the same time, on request, we can serve you in disposable containers. We disinfect the bar counter practically ... at every coffee.

At your arrival, we will measure each guest's body temperature. If the temperature should exceed 37.5 ° C, unfortunately we will not be able to host you.
We have created separate routes for entry and exit in order to avoid gatherings and better manage the flows of people.