Hotel Resort & SPA Miramonti

Via Alle Fonti, 5/6
24037 - Rota d'Imagna (BG)
Phone +39 035.868000 - Fax +39 035.868000


The parking next to the hotel is free for all those who book directly from our site, guests will be asked to leave their car keys at the reception in case other cars are blocked.

However, it is limited to only 15 mail car, therefore we have decided to offer an aperitif to those who want to park in the village:

the Parking spritz!

The municipal parking that we recommend is 300 meters from the hotel, the guest can first unload the luggage at the hotel and then park the car, for those who want we will also offer a free shuttle service in case of bad weather.

Here are the directions to reach it:

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